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          How does Rexroth hydraulic pump convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy?

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          In the hydraulic pump, one side is high pressure and the other side is low pressure. This will produce an unbalanced hydraulic effect. This force has an impact on the rotor, bearings and other corresponding components, increasing the wear of the Rexroth hydraulic pump and shortening the Rexroth hydraulic The service life of the pump destroys the normal operation of the Rexroth hydraulic pump. Therefore, it is necessary for us to choose hydrostatic pressure to balance. The method of balance varies with the structure of Rexroth hydraulic pump. For example, the external gear pump chooses a radial force balance structure or a structure with an exhaust port smaller than the intake port to guide high-pressure oil to the low-pressure area. The vane pump is a structure that balances the radial force of the rotor. It has suction and discharge windows arranged in pairs. The hydraulic pump is the power component of any hydraulic mechanical equipment. Its function is to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into hydraulic energy, that is, to provide a certain pressure and liquid flow for the hydraulic system. The hydraulic motor is any hydraulic mechanical equipment or operating mechanism. Its function It converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, and drives the working mechanism connected to it with torque and speed. The above explains the principle of Rexroth hydraulic pump mechanical operation, and hope to better help you maintain and repair the Rexroth hydraulic pump.

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