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          Parker pv series axial piston pump

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          Parker pv series axial piston pump

          Parker pv series axial piston pump

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          Ddetailed information

          PV series axial piston pump
          PV016, PV020, PV023, PV032, PV040, PV046, PV063, PV080, PV092, PV140, PV180, PV270 etc.
          Work pressure
          Rated pressure 35MPa, peak pressure 42MPa
          way to control:
          With standard pressure regulator
          With power regulator
          l The installation form complies with the standard VDMA-24560
          l Standard installation form: IS0 3019/2 4-hole flange (metric)
          l Optional installation form: IS0 3019/1 4-hole flange (SAE)
          l The large variable control piston has a strong return spring and responds quickly.
          l Since the compensation system has a dynamic pressure relief effect, it reduces the pressure peak when the flow rate changes to zero
          l Stable compensation adjustment function under low T pressure: the minimum compensation pressure is 12-15bar
          l 9 plunger design and adopting new technology of pre-compression volume to reduce flow pulsation to the lowest level ever
          l Robust and FEM-optimized pump body structure reduces noise level Complete variable control type
          l Through-shaft transmission structure with 100% nominal torque
          l Pumps of the same specification, the same type and almost all with the same metric or SAE mounting flange can be installed in combination

          This type of hydraulic pump is a swash plate type axial plunger hydraulic pump with a through shaft drive for an open circuit, which can be used in combination with single pumps and multiple pumps.
          Hydraulic fluid recommendation
          It is recommended to use a good mineral oil-based hydraulic oil, such as HLP oil that meets the requirements of DIN 51524 Part 2. For general purposes, the Brugger value must be greater than 30N/mm2; for heavy-duty hydraulic equipment and hydraulic systems with fast cycling and/or heavy-duty dynamic loads, it must be greater than 50 N/mm2. The Brugger value should be determined in accordance with DIN 51347 -2 regulations. For details, please refer to the document HY30-3248/UK "Hydraulic Fluid for Parker PV Series Axial Piston Pumps".
          During normal operation, the oil viscosity range should be 16 to 100 mm2/s (cSt), and the maximum allowable viscosity at startup is 800 mm2/s (cSt).
          Filtration requirements
          In order to enable the hydraulic pump and other hydraulic components in the system to maximize their functions and extend their service life, effective filtering measures should be taken to protect the system from contamination. The cleanliness of the oil is assessed according to the ISO solid particle pollution level specified in ISO 4406:1999, and the oil is filtered and purified by a filter. The quality of the filter element should meet the requirements of the corresponding ISO standard. For general hydraulic systems, the oil pollution level required to ensure that they work satisfactorily is not higher than 20/18/15 specified in ISO 4406:1999. If it is required to ensure the long service life of hydraulic components, the pollution level of the oil should not be higher than 18/16/13 specified in ISO 4406:1999.
          Check the technical conditions of the hydraulic fluid and check its chemical compatibility with the sealing material. Check the applicable temperature range of the sealing material and compare it with the temperature range of the system and the environment. N-Nitrile rubber -40 ... +90℃ Note: The highest oil temperature will appear at the drain port of the hydraulic pump, which can be 25℃ higher than the oil tank temperature.
          Technical features
          • Low noise
          • Fast response
          • Friendly operation
          • High self-priming speed
          • Compact structure
          • Through shaft drive structure with 100% nominal torque
          PV032R1K1T1NMMC swash plate plunger pump for open circuit, the maximum displacement is 32 cm3/rev, when the speed is 1500rpm, the flow is 48 l/min, the input power is 31 KW, the maximum speed is 2800 rpm, and the weight is 30 KG.
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