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          Hello, welcome to the official website of Wuhan Xinlaifu Hydraulic pneumatic Equipment Co. LTD
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          Rexroth A4VSO Variable Pump

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          Rexroth A4VSO Variable Pump

          Rexroth A4VSO Variable Pump

          Classification: Rexroth hydraulic pump

          Ddetailed information
          Rexroth A4VSO Variable Pump

          Security Information
          – The pump A4VSO is designed to operate in an open circuit.
          – System design, installation and commissioning need to be performed by trained technicians and distributors.
          – All hydraulic ports can only be used to fasten hydraulic maintenance lines.
          – Tightening torque:
          · All tightening torques listed in this catalog are maximum values, and these values (maximum values of internal threads in castings) must not be exceeded. Regarding the maximum allowable tightening torque of the accessories used, please follow the information provided by the manufacturer.
          · For fastening screws in accordance with DIN 13, it is recommended to check the allowable fastening torque in accordance with VDI 2230 (promulgated in 2003) under all circumstances.
          – During or shortly after operation of the pump, the housing and especially the coil may be extremely hot. Please take appropriate safety measures (for example, wear protective clothing).
          – Observe all data and information provided with the product.

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