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          Hello, welcome to the official website of Wuhan Xinlaifu Hydraulic pneumatic Equipment Co. LTD
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          About us

          A6VM Plunger Variable Motor

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          A6VM Plunger Variable Motor

          A6VM Plunger Variable Motor

          Classification: Rexroth hydraulic pump

          Rexroth A6VM axial piston variable motor
          Specification Nominal pressure/Peak pressure
          28 to 200 400/450bar
          250 to 1000 350/400bar
          Open and closed loop

          Ddetailed information
          A6VM Plunger Variable Motor
          Rexroth A6VM features:
          ◆Variable motor is equipped with an axial conical plunger rotor group of inclined axis design, which can be used for hydrostatic transmission in open and closed circuits
          ◆Can be used in mobile and fixed applications
          ◆The wide control range enables the variable motor to meet the requirements for high speed and high torque.
          ◆The displacement changes steplessly from Vg max to Vg min (= 0).
          ◆The output speed depends on the flow of the pump and the displacement of the motor.
          ◆The output torque will increase with the continuous increase of the pressure difference between the high pressure side and the low pressure side and the displacement.
          ◆Hydrostatic transmission can be carried out in a wide control range
          ◆There are a wide range of control equipment to choose from
          ◆Save costs by eliminating the gear shift mechanism and using small pumps
          ◆Compact and solid bearing system has a long service life
          ◆With high power density
          ◆Has good starting characteristics
          ◆Has low moment of inertia
          Rexroth Rexroth A6VM commonly used models
          A6VM28DA1/63W-VZB020B 9604014
          A6VM28DA2/63W-VZB020B 9604015
          A6VM28EP1/63W-VZB020B 9604063
          A6VM28EZ1/63W-VZB020B 9604250Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM28HA1/63W-VZB020A 9604219
          A6VM28HA1R2/63W-VZB020A 2036653
          A6VM28HA1U2/63W-VZB020A 9604665
          A6VM28HD1/63W-VZB020B 9603912Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM28HZ1/63W-VZB020B 9604249
          A6VM55DA1/63W-VZB020B 9604017
          A6VM55DA2/63W-VZB020B 9604018
          A6VM55EP1/63W-VZB020B 9604065Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM55EZ3/63W-VZB020B 9604523
          A6VM55HA1/63W-VZB020A 9604223
          A6VM55HA1R2/63W-VZB020A 2036655
          A6VM55HA1U2/63W-VZB020A 9605637
          A6VM55HD1/63W-VZB020B 9603911Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM55HZ3/63W-VZB020B 9604517
          A6VM80DA1/63W-VZB020B 9604020
          A6VM80DA2/63W-VZB020B 9604021Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM80EP1/63W-VZB020B 9604067
          A6VM80EZ3/63W-VZB020B 9604522
          A6VM80HA1/63W-VZB020A 9604227
          A6VM80HA1R2/63W-VZB020A 9610911Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM80HA1U2/63W-VZB020A 9605641
          A6VM80HD1/63W-VZB020B 9603720
          A6VM80HZ3/63W-VZB020B 9604516
          A6VM107DA1/63W-VZB020B 9604023Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM107DA2/63W-VZB020B 9604024
          A6VM107EP1/63W-VZB020B 9604069
          A6VM107EZ3/63W-VZB020B 9604521
          A6VM107EZ4/63W-VZB020B 9611133Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM107HA1/63W-VZB020A 9604231
          A6VM107HA1R2/63W-VZB020A 2011699
          A6VM107HA1U2/63W-VZB020A 9605644
          A6VM107HD1/63W-VZB020B 9603804
          A6VM107HZ3/63W-VZB020B 9604515Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM140DA1/63W-VZB020B 9603559
          A6VM140DA3/63W-VZB020B 9610778
          A6VM140EP2/63W-VZB020B 9605666
          A6VM140EZ2/63W-VZB020B 9610772Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM140HA1/63W-VZB020A 9610774
          A6VM140HA1R2/63W-VZB020A 9610776
          A6VM140HA1U2/63W-VZB020A 9605670
          A6VM140HD1/63W-VZB020B 9605664Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM140HZ1/63W-VZB020B 9605648
          A6VM160DA1/63W-VZB020B 9604026
          A6VM160DA3/63W-VZB020B 9604794
          A6VM160EP2/63W-VZB020B 9604072Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM160EZ2/63W-VZB020B 9604254
          A6VM160HA1/63W-VZB020A 9604235
          A6VM160HA1R2/63W-VZB020A 2036656
          A6VM160HA1U2/63W-VZB020A 9604666
          A6VM160HD1/63W-VZB020B 9603805Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM160HZ1/63W-VZB020B 9604252
          A6VM200DA1/63W-VAB020B 9604029
          A6VM200DA3/63W-VAB020B 9610785
          A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB020B 9604074Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM200EZ2/63W-VAB020B 9604257
          A6VM200HA1/63W-VAB020A 9604239
          A6VM200HA1R2/63W-VAB020A 9610792
          A6VM200HA1U2/63W-VAB020A 9604667Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM200HD1/63W-VAB020B 9603913
          A6VM200HZ1/63W-VAB020B 9604255
          A6VM250EP2D/63W2-VZB020B 978736Rexroth Rexroth
          A6VM250HD2D/63W1-VZB020B 983132
          A6VM250HZ/63W2-VZB027B 999277
          A6VM 107HA1R1/63W-VZB017TA
          A6VM 160EP1/63W/VZB017FPA-K
          Product display:
          A6VM柱塞變量馬達 A6VM柱塞變量馬達
          A6VM柱塞變量馬達 A6VM柱塞變量馬達


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