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          Hello, welcome to the official website of Wuhan Xinlaifu Hydraulic pneumatic Equipment Co. LTD
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          Rexroth A7VO variable pump

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          Rexroth A7VO variable pump

          Rexroth A7VO variable pump

          Classification: Rexroth hydraulic pump

          Ddetailed information

          Rexroth A7VO variable pump

          safety instructions
          -The A7VO pump is designed for use in open circuits.
          -Project planning, installation and commissioning of the axial piston unit must be carried out by qualified personnel.
          -Before using the axial piston unit, please read the corresponding instruction manual completely. If necessary, it can be obtained from Bosch Rexroth.
          -During and shortly after operation, the axial piston unit (especially the solenoid) may be at risk of causing burns. Appropriate safety measures (such as wearing protective clothing) should be taken.
          -The characteristics of the axial piston unit may change due to different working conditions (working pressure, oil temperature).
          -Working line oil port:
          · The oil port and fixed thread are designed for the maximum specified pressure. The manufacturer of the machine or system must ensure that the safety factors of the connected components and pipelines meet the specified working conditions (pressure, flow, hydraulic oil, temperature).
          · Working line oil ports and functional oil ports are only used for hydraulic lines.
          -Pressure shut-off valve and pressure controller do not provide overpressure safety protection. An overflow valve will be provided in the hydraulic system.
          -The data and instructions contained herein must be followed.
          -The product cannot be approved as a component that complies with the general machinery safety concept of ISO 13849.
          -Use the following tightening torques:
          · Connector:
          Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the tightening torque of the joints used.
          · Installation bolts:
          For mounting bolts with ISO metric threads that meet DIN 13 standards and threads that meet ASME B1.1 standards, we recommend checking the tightening torque of each box according to VDI 2230.
          · The threaded hole of the axial plunger unit:
          The maximum allowable tightening torque MG max is the maximum value for internal threaded holes, and must not exceed this value.
          · Locking screw:
          For the metal locking screw provided with the axial plunger unit, the tightening torque MV required for the locking screw should be used.



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